1031 Exchange Investments

1031 Exchange Investments

1031 Exchange Investments To Avoid Capital Gains

1031 Exchange Investments are available if you are looking to avoid capital gains. 1031 Exchange Investments can help defer capital gains by investing into the DST or Delaware Statutory Trust. If you have a rental property and you are looking to sell the property and do not want to have to pay taxes on the capital gains, you can utilize the 1031 exchange DST. As long as you have a QI or qualified intermediary that can put the proceeds from the sale of the rental property you can initiate a 1031 exchange DST and invest that money into a portfolio of properties and receive monthly distributions from your fractional interest investment.

1031 Exchange Investments

1031 Exchange Investments Pay Monthly Income

1031 Exchange Investments will allow you to receive monthly income with the products we use. After you sell your rental property,  and divert the money to the qualified intermediary, you have 45 days to identify 3 like kind properties. In a traditional 1031 exchange, if you do not identify 3 like kind properties, and close escrow in the 45 day window, you do not qualify for the tax deferral from the capital gains. This can be very difficult to achieve in the short amount of time. This is why a 1031 exchange DST is a very useful investment. The 1031 Exchange Investment products that we use has a wide variety of properties in a portfolio that you can invest into. These properties have already closed escrow, and you are investing into the portfolio and receive a fractional interest based on the amount of money you are investing. The 1031 Exchange Investment products that we use allows you to invest the entire amount into the DST products and receive monthly income right away.

1031 Exchange Investment

1031 Exchange Investments That Are Quick

1031 Exchange Investments that are quick allow you make sure that you do not miss out on the 45 day window. If you miss this 45 day window, you will have to pay the taxes on the capital gains. In a traditional 1031 exchange, you have 180 days to close on the new investment property. If you do not close in 180 days for the new investment property, you are subject to taxation on the capital gains of the original rental property. Our 1031 Exchange Investments are already closed, so there is no need to worry about the 45 day identification period, or the 180 day close. There have been some clients who have tried to initiate a 1031 exchange but could not meet these timelines, and had to divert to a 1031 exchange DST and was able to close in 48 hours. The paperwork on a 1031 Exchange Investments is relatively quick and simple.

1031 Exchange Investments Without the Hassle

1031 Exchange Investment will give you monthly income just as if it were your own rental property.  1031 Exchange Investments do not require you to manage a rental property. With 1031 Exchange Investments you will receive monthly income hassle free. You do not need to manage your own property, hire property managers, or deal with collecting rent from tenants. Having an investment that is hassle free, and provides monthly income is very appealing to investors who are used to managing rental properties. 1031 Exchange Investments are great investments for those who do not want to deal with property management!

Invest Into a 1031 Exchange DST

If you are interested in a 1031 Exchange Investment, we have a team that can help you get into a 1031 exchange DST or answer any questions that you may have. Call 805-603-4378 or email kyle@winthco.com to get more info on our 1031 Exchange Investments or any questions you may have.